YouTube for Beginners: The Complete Guide for Marketing Technqiues, Audience Building, & Audience Retention [Booklet]

Strategic Methods & Step by Step Guides for Long-Term Success… BONUS MATERIAL INCLUDED INSIDE “Are you new to YouTube? Do have a few subscribers, but want to take it to the next level? Are you interested in what it takes to make a successful channel? Are you ready to upgrade your already semi-successful channel?” Well, this is your guide, in, “”YouTube for Beginners: The Complete Guide for Marketing Techniques, Audience Building, & Audience Retention – So You Can Make Money!” we touch on all the topics you need to get started, and the topics you’ll address as you progress. We present actionable steps and strategies. This is not a “How to create a YouTube Channel Book,” there are plenty of those on Amazon, this is a Strategy book. Inside of this book you’ll learn the proven strategies you need to be successful on YouTube long-term. What most books miss out on, is not giving the reader, the benefit of the doubt. I believe you know how to create a YouTube Channel. In this book, I’ll help you understand the platform, and how you can best grow it strategically. Save Yourself The “Trail & Error..”.There Are Folks Who Have Done That For You.

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