What Is Internet Marketing? A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing and Tips on How to Improve Your Business Online

The last 20 years have changed the world, particularly when it comes to all forms of communication. Today, everything is digital and the Information Superhighway, otherwise known as the Internet, is everyone’s favorite playground for shopping, talking, researching, and advertising. What this means is that, rather than using newspapers and television to find your target market today, you have to have a presence on the Internet. And more importantly, you have to advertise through the World Wide Web.

Internet Marketing is a very broad term that covers a slew of advertising options, ranging from simply having a website where potential buyers can browse and shop to organic and paid search results. In this increasingly competitive market, though, a newcomer can’t expect to throw some words on a page, call it a website, and have tons of traffic and leads automatically.

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