Web Marketing & SEO for Beginners: Google DOs & Google DON’Ts

Ever wondered what works and what doesn’t when you are implementing a search engine optimization strategy as part of a website marketing campaign? Well now is your chance to find out, In this comprehensive Web Marketing Guide written by Brian Stephens, a website designer and publisher, you will be guided through all the latest techniques for getting free organic traffic using search engine optimization (SEO for 2014 and beyond). Equally important you will be told what no longer works and be made privy to a few misleading SEO myths. Who Is This Website Marketing Guide Written For? This book has been written to outline the basic steps any web-master should take in order to optimise their website so they can gain free organic website traffic from search engines the perfect starting point for beginners or someone seeking to improve their knowledge about the world of website marketing and how to get more website traffic. Anyone, “even an SEO beginner,” can implement an organic search engine optimization strategy provided they have some basic knowledge about the steps that need to be taken both on and off page using the latest, up to date techniques for free organic website and blog promotion. A comprehensive guide on SEO for beginners that takes into account the most recent algorithm changes introduced by Google If you are a web-master or content writer and you want to know what the search engine optimization secrets are, what an SEO strategy is and how to get website traffic then this is the book for you. Below is a complete list of the topics covered. Website copy and content Search Engine Accessibility Website Load Speeds Creating Great Content How Much Content is Enough Content Formatting and Layout of Content Keyword Optimisation Finding Keywords for Your Niche Using Google’s New Keyword Planner Meta Tags – Which Are Important? Sub-Domains or Directories Page Rank Sculpting Link building strategies Google Recommendations Article Marketing Guest Blogging and Posting

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