VIDEO MARKETING: Week #21 of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan [Edition 3.0]

In this book, we will be discussing a very powerful form of marketing and that is video marketing. I am looking forward to showing you a lot of good examples of myself on various videos I have a ranking with on YouTube.
I will show you how to drive a decent amount of traffic towards your videos in the beginning and how to get them ranking. Most importantly, you will learn how to convert the views into subscribers and customers.

3 Different Types of Video
I will also be reviewing the many different purposes and types of videos.
First of all you need the kind of videos that can act as an initial part of your sales funnel to drive people back to your website and subscribe.
You need videos that will maintain communication (and your authority) with subscribers. This type of video can be embedded on your site but it can also appear on YouTube (I will discuss this later in the book).
The final type of video I want to discuss is how you can create your own video training product to sell to your subscribers.

Video Hosting
As for hosting, there is more than YouTube. I will discuss some of the pros and cons of the various services on offer.

Technical Aspects
In this section I will talk about microphone selection, the software to use, whether you should be doing an on air appearance or if you should just do a screen cast video. I will also explain the ideal length of time which is not what you will expect.

On Site and off Site Video SEO
You should know that YouTube is actually the 2nd most popular search engine in the world behind only Google so ahead of Yahoo and Bing!
Optimising your video for YouTube search and for Google search is essential (YouTube is also owned by Google so it tends to rank their videos higher).

Video Seeding
What is video seeding? Driving initial views to get YouTube to notice the video and start placing it higher in the results.

Case Studies
I will be going through some of the usual case studies and their competitors to see what they are doing right or wrong on YouTube. Plus I’ll show you a variety of different videos on YouTube to give you some ideas about what is possible and to show you that there are many ways to create videos that work.
At the end of this book you will see no matter what your business is, there will be a way for you to be involved in video marketing in some way, shape or form.

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