Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Listen, YouTube is media. It can provide you and your business with leads, clients, and even income immediately using Google AdSense. But, your major objective is to communicate, create channel subscribers, drive traffic back to your website, generate leads, and most importantly new customers for your business. In other words, you need to view YouTube as another form of media! And a very good one! According to YouTube they have over 1 billion new users visit their website and these folks are watching 6 billion hours of video, EVERY SINGLE MONTH! That works out to about 1 hour every month being watched, by every human being on earth! And Nielsen reports that YouTube reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any cable network! Clearly, this is somewhere you need to be! If not, you will be left behind in 2014. And I can personally attest that this is an effective marketing tool that has been instrumental in building my business. I’ve been working from home, full time, since 2006, earning a very affluent income. In 2012, I even appeared on National TV in my own infomercial. It is cool to be able to say I’ve appeared on ESPN, MTV, National Geographic, A&E, VH-1, Comedy Central, and many more cable TV networks. I don’t say this to brag, but so that you will take me seriously. In this book we are going to go step by step through: – The 4 ways to monetize your videos – The 5 deadly sins – The 7 common types of formats to use when creating your videos – The 4 ingredients of effective marketing videos – How to get more views, subscribers, website traffic, leads, customers, and clients – The 7 step checklist for good video SEO – The 10 traffic sources – How to optimize your YouTube channel – And much much more Gift From The Author As a gift we’ve created a video marketing training course. This is a series of videos, checklists, and handouts to make sure your getting the most from your video marketing efforts! To claim your complimentary free gift just visit Da

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