The Blueprint to Affiliate Marketing: Revealed My Exact Million Dollar Earning Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

Affiliate marketing is exactly like a commission based sales position. Your job is to sell other businesses products and services, for them. Did you know Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, and many more Fortune 500 companies provide you the ability to use affiliate marketing for their products and services? Let me share one example of affiliate marketing in action, I recently received a postcard in the mail from Bluehost one of the biggest web hosting companies … this company hosts all of my WordPress websites. The postcard I received, was marketing the Google AdWords service, an online advertising platform, this is affiliate marketing in action. The web hosting company Bluehost, is using their list of customers to help promote and build the Google AdWords online advertising business. Affiliate marketing is legit. It is not some new creation that came along as a result of the internet. There have been businesses working with other businesses for many decades prior to the creation of the internet. The reason you use this is to help serve your customers and clients better. In addition, you can create and generate more revenue for your business. Dan’s story Dan was a college dropout working as a part time bartender and professional college student … he choose to drop out of school and started working with affiliate marketing. It took a lot of time and work, but Dan was able to create an affluent income, go back to school and graduate while paying tuition, and continuing to run his online affiliate marketing business. Dan is no genius. He lost the ability to communicate when he had a brain aneurism rupture at 12 years old. He spent 6 weeks in the hospital, had his skull taken apart in surgery, and endured the humbling experience of consciously wetting the bed, due to his inability to communicate that he needed to pee. In spite of all this, he slowly learned how to use use affiliate marketing and created a career for himself. Yes, I am Dan and while it is true I’v

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