YouTube Marketing and Earning Strategies: Step by step guide to Upload, Market and become an Expert in YouTube. (Passive Income, Online Business, Social Media Marketing etc.)

This book will give you an idea about how to upload and share a YouTube video like an expert. It covers almost every area of uploading which is important to rank your video high in YouTube search results. It also has a section where you will learn how to make money out of YouTube. In my opinion, I have included few important things in this book which were never heard or read before. What you will get from this book?
•Expert’s way of uploading a video
•Optimizing the video for search engines
•Important things to be included in Thumbnail, description, title etc.
•How to search for a perfect Title.
•How to earn money through YouTube
•Smart ways of sharing the video on other Social Media Platforms.
•Tips for Better Video and Audio Quality.
•Perfect checklist which can be used a reference before uploading a video.

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Youtube Basics For Beginners – Upload And Market Your Own Videos

Do you appreciate watching videos on YouTube? Even though you have never visited
YouTube before, you are advised to do this, as you will likely find it fun, exciting, as
well as entertaining. YouTube is a video sharing website that enables internet users,
just like you, to upload and share videos that they have made. Maybe, the greatest
thing about YouTube is that it is free.

Table Of Contents:

Benefits Of Registering With Youtube

Advantages To Making Your Own Youtube Videos

High School Students And Youtube

How And Why You Should Market Your Youtube Videos

How To Make A Youtube Video

Safety Tips You Should Know

Knowing And Following All Youtube Rules

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