The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Domination: How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business Even Without Investing a Lot of Money Upfront… … Start Learning via Affiliate University & Y

2 Affiliate Marketing Business Model in a Box

What you’ll get:

Affiliate University
– How to find good keyword to target for your website
– How to create a wordpress website from start to finish. Absolutely nothing left out!
– How to find the best product to promote. A product that matches your keyword.
– How to apply on-page seo tactics so you can rank your website as fast as possible!
– How to apply free backlinking methods to boos your website’s seo points
– How to write a product review that turn your readers into customers

Youtube Product Reviewer
– The best niches or market to target
– How to find the best products to promote
– How to create a video review from start to finish
– The types of videos to create and when to use them for maximum profits
– The tools you need for creating awesome video reviews
– How to properly upload your video, so you’ll get more views fast!
– How to rank your video on Youtube’s page 1!

Get a beginner’s education on affiliate marketing for the price of your morning coffee today!

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AdWords 101: A Guide For Beginners (AdWords University, Part 1)

Veteran search marketing expert, Mark Brimm, and AdWords management guru, Stephen Moss, put this 3-piece AdWords how-to series together to address the true need of a growing population of AdWords-using entrepreneurs, marcom soldiers and agencies who simply have absolutely no clue how to run an AdWords campaign or could use a refresher course.

Rather than give anecdotal lip-servcice to the efficacy of Google or AdWords, AdWords 101 dives right into the thick of the basics and how to get the mind acclimated to actually using AdWords. This beginning intro to AdWords kicks off the series and is aimed specifically to the beginning user’s needs, instructing the beginner how to start using AdWords quickly and painlessly and avoiding uneccessary forays into dubious temporary-oriented techniques.

Perfect for entrepeneurs or small interactive agencies who need help getting the hang of running AdWords campaigns–or even for agencies who simply want to solidify their current knowledge via a formal learning experience.


“It doesn’t matter if you sell something online (like the popular digital information products) or if you simply want to drive more traffic to your site to make your telephone ring. However you do business (with your site as your primary form of business or as a brochure), you can use AdWords to generate visitors to your site? and possibly dollars to your bank. It doesn’t matter if you have zero business experience or whether you’re a seasoned veteran entrepreneur.

This book can be your guide and can show you everything you need to know to be successful with AdWords. This book will show you the step by step methods you need to make it happen. We’ll give you the road map you need to successfully advertise your business online. We’ll make it clear, but the action is up to you.”

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