Mobile Internet Marketing: rapid transformation and upgrading of enterprises Tips(Chinese Edition)

Pub Date: 2014-09-01 Pages: 236 Language: Chinese Publisher: Machinery Industry Press Mobile Internet Marketing: Enterprise rapid transformation and upgrading of Secrets is a seminal work in the field of China’s mobile Internet marketing. it is the first time for complicated moves Internet marketing provides a methodology and system solutions. for enterprises to achieve rapid provides scientific guidance to the mobile Internet transformation and upgrading. It eliminated the mobile Internet marketing is marketing and micro letter microblogging marketing. Mobile Internet marketing is free marketing. and a series of misconceptions. The writer is a prominent contributor to the Chinese practice of sending senior marketing experts and mobile Internet field. Single Single Jen Jen Information Group founder. Phoenix Nest club founder Liang Hongjun and 100 received the guidance of wel…

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High-profit sales to subvert the era of mobile Internet Marketing Tips(Chinese Edition)

Language:Chinese.Paperback. Pub Date: 2015-12-01 Pages: 218 Publisher: Machinery Industry Press current. by mastering sales techniques and means to achieve Sold target sales approach has become obsolete. only to adapt to the era of industrial mass production and sales as well as the initial stage of marketing. Current production and marketing push down the demand by the consumer. the reverse production and sales. Production showed more variety. low-volume. fast renovation feature. and now the sales talk is more advanced consultative selling. personalized sales and marketing fans. the end is the pursuit of high-margin sales. This book does not teaches how to short (short-sighted. short-term sales to sacrifice long-term interests). low (low sales). fast (instant success for sales and marketing. one-off transactions) method. this book is a collection of high-margin content the …

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