Local SEO: Proven Strategies & Tips for Better Local Google Rankings (Marketing Guides for Small Businesses)

How to Find Countless Customers In Your Area with Local SEO

Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate new business leads every single day? Chances are that you have been working on your online marketing campaigns for quite some time. But maybe you’re still not getting the results you really want. What if you could count on generating new LOCAL traffic to your website every day? That wish can easily become reality with Local SEO.

Being an entrepreneur, your daily life is probably pretty hectic. Running a business can easily feel overwhelming, especially if you have employees counting on you for their income. Keeping your existing marketing plan on track might feel like a full time job; how can you possibly add more tasks to your online marketing checklist?

Local SEO can give you the extra daily traffic your company needs while barely adding anything to your regular marketing schedule. It will work for you because once you get some key elements set up and tweak a couple of your everyday online marketing efforts, your Local SEO strategy will be up and running.

Learn What it Takes to Put Local SEO to Work For Your Company

In the book “Local SEO: Proven Strategies & Tips for Better Local Google Ranking,” you will find the essential elements of a successful Local SEO strategy. Plus, you will discover ways to put social media marketing to work in support of your Local SEO efforts. Every aspect of a Local SEO strategy comes together in an effort to feed your business’s vital information to Google, which then sends consumers to you. Local SEO is an easy and reliable inbound marketing method for businesses of all sizes, in any location.

As you read the book and follow the steps outlined in each chapter, you will see your new Local SEO strategy begin to take shape. Every section builds upon the previous one and results in a complete Local SEO optimization plan that any business can successfully implement. It’s the perfect way to bring scores of new local clients to your company.

In the book, you’ll discover:
•What Local SEO is
•Why implementing it is so important to your company’s endurance
•What makes Local SEO more important that global SEO
•What role Google plays in your Local SEO strategy’s success
•How social media platforms can support your Local SEO strategy
•What you can do with your website content to make it more Local SEO-friendly

Claiming a bigger share of your local market becomes so much easier with the power of Local SEO at your fingertips. Download Local SEO: Proven Strategies & Tips for Better Local Google Ranking

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Mobile Marketing Misconceptions: Mobile Marketing For A Competitive Edge (Mobile Marketing For Small Business Book 3)

Mobile Marketing Misconceptions

It comes as no surprise that mobile marketing misconceptions are still existent in current times. Despite the warmer reception that it has been receiving, there are still many pundits who are either ignorant of mobile marketing, or do not have a clear idea of its definition and usage.

Why Is It Important? Traditional Marketing Has Always Done The Job
The biggest one, rather unfortunately, is that it really isn’t needed. Companies still look to traditional marketing strategies like print, radio and large-scale promotions and campaigns to increase interest and revenue, and hopefully these methods will still be able to pique the interest of the more powerful word-of-mouth. But if looked at closely, mobile marketing is an extension of word-of-mouth.

Companies who invest in mobile marketing use Facebook campaigns, mobile email promotions and even QR coding to share their information with a 1.2-billion strong demographic who use their mobile devices frequently on a daily basis. Any company not willing to invest in that kind of audience is wasting a great opportunity for growth. This is why small businesses take advantage of this format, especially when 84% of small companies investing affordable rates for this platform are enjoying greater deals of success these days.

Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising – It’s All The Same To Me
Terminology is the cause of another myth when it comes to mobile marketing; misconceptions of being referred to mobile advertising can be confusing at times. The difference boils down to one thing: consumer response. Mobile advertising only aims to entice the imaginations and desires of a consumer – they use the appealing content to please customers at face value only. Mobile marketing, however, is a different animal. The target is not just to appeal to a customer, but to encourage them to react (and eventually, respond) to promotions so that they may not only enjoy these perks, but also share their experiences with their network of peers. It’s similar, but the human engagement makes it more interesting.

New Payment Service, Greater Business Opportunities
For businesses, the landscape for purchase channels have changed; and it has come in the form of mobile payment. Apps such as the Starbucks Card (which is a partnership between the multi-national coffee company and Square Wallet, a mobile payment company) have been instrumental in the continuous progression of this medium.

Choosing The Right Platform
There are several known mCommerce platforms currently available right now, with more platforms being discovered on the way. The most common is billing payments through your mobile carrier. Telecom providers in the US like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have made this available through Zong, MoPay, PaymentOne and the like. This system allows the user to charge the purchase of items to their postpaid accounts. This is the most common platform used worldwide. Mobile providers also have features where users can send money to merchants or other people, much like what the M-PESA service in Kenya.

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How to Use Facebook for Business: Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses (Bonus ’15 Million Facebook Members’ Included!)

Advertise on social media for free and reach 15 Million Facebook Members


Looking to get acknowledgment for your service or product?
Just curious about how Facebook Groups can be a platform to help you make more cash?
Ready to take your business to the next level?

How to use Facebook for your business is a very clear and applicable book about how to develop successful advertising on Facebook groups to promote your business.
Inside this guide you will find out how you can use Facebook Groups for social media marketing for free advertising, you have links to access directly to those Facebook Groups and links to apps to put your business on auto-pilot.
With this kindle book you will be able to advertise on facebook for free increasing your business and earn more money, find inside the solution you are looking for.

*****How to use Facebook for Business – This social media marketing is an unbelievable tool with the potential to draw thousands of leads to your business such as promote kindle eBooks for non-fiction, MLM business, home based business, advertise business opportunities, creating lists…or announce any other small business*****

BONUS Inside:
This guide will not only show you how to advertise on facebook for free or for very little (free and paid options available inside this book), but will give access to 15 Million of Facebook Members, for you to have the whole package to start promote immediately.
This is the chance to know how to advertise on Facebook Groups and get access to millions of members today!

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Twitter: 25 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks for Small Business: Get Twitter Followers Who Become Your Customers (Twitter For Business, Twitter … Twitter For Dummies, How To User Twitter)

Twitter For Business

Twitter Marketing Guide

Get Twitter Followers Who Buy From You

Twitter Marketing In Combination With Your Social Media Strategy For Business

Use The Power of Twitter To Attract Customers

Maybe you just don’t know how to get started on Twitter, or what to do once you have. I’ve put this book together to give you some actionable, powerful tips to make the most out of marketing and selling on Twitter. I’m going to show you how to build a great profile, connect with your customers, participate in the community, find opportunities to branch out, and network effectively.

In the first chapter, “Build Your Profile”, I’ll be teaching you about what it takes to make a proper Twitter profile, and giving you some examples that I consider to be very well done. Every facet of building a profile from choosing your avatar to setting backgrounds and colors will be covered here, as well as techniques to make a proper introduction.

In Chapter 2, “Link Up!”, you’ll learn about connecting various services, maximizing your exposure. Methods for (sanely) working around the 140 character limit will be discussed, along with tips to leverage pre-existing connections. I’ll also give you some quick and easy tips about tweet construction to lead customers to your product pages, and introduce the concept of “retweeting”– something that seems simple, but can be an extraordinarily powerful tool.

Chapter 3, “Find Your Peers”, might be the most important chapter in this book for a business owner just starting out. Inside, I lay out the concrete, proven process to finding and keeping connections with both your fellow business owners and your customers. I’ll be covering the unique ways that Twitter enables businesses to interact with their customers, as well as cross-company promotion opportunities.

The fourth chapter is just as important in my opinion, though. “Meaningful Interaction” is about exactly what it seems to be– interacting with Twitter users in a relevant, reasonable, and exciting way. I’ll go more in-depth about the various functions of the platform, including the retweet, @, and direct message. I’ll also be talking about the importance of tone on Twitter, and how to avoid nasty pitfalls that could damage your brand and thereby your chances at success.

The points contained in Chapter 5, “Market Effectively”, are a little more broad than those in other chapters (with one exception). I’ll be talking a little more generally about what makes a good marketing strategy, and how those lessons can be applied on Twitter specifically. The one Twitter-exclusive point deals with promoting your tweets, but many platforms have an equivalent function.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about creating a powerful profile
  • Important things to remember when creating your Twitter handle
  • What type of photo and background to use for your profile
  • Why proper introduction helps you get followers quickly
  • Cross promotion between various social media platforms
  • Correctly using built-in link shortener to promote your products or services
  • Why a blogpost account can help you Twitter account
  • Leveraging your existing contacts and power of retweets
  • How to find your target customers
  • A solid under utilized way to find new potential customers
  • How karma works on Twitter
  • And much much more
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