Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: The start-up guide for writers and bloggers on how to make money online using affiliate marketing programs.

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CHAPTER ONE – Starting with Your Career as an Affiliate Marketer

1. Choose a tried-and-tested affiliate program

2. Choose affiliate products that interest you

3. Give what the readers want

4. Write anything related to your niche

5. Fix your internal linking

CHAPTER TWO – Web Design for Affiliate Marketers

1. Match your web design with your affiliate program

2. Avoid sparkling and animated designs

3. Make sure your webpages are scannable and navigable

4. Use a design that is pleasing to the eyes

5. Use widgets as your own affiliate link

6. Select ads that belong to your niche

7. Include picture in your entries

CHAPTER THREE – Common Blunders of Affiliate Marketers

1. Selling, not helping

2. Joining too many affiliate programs

3. Not testing an affiliate program before recruiting

4. Not tracking

5. Not using the influencing power of comparison

6. Complaining about your frustrations

7. Constantly looking for better affiliate programs

8. Relying mostly on advertisements

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