Marketing Step-By-Step Guide: Quick & Easy Tools to Get You More Sales: Mobile Marketing for Micro Businesses

Most small businesses in Canada and US have 5 or fewer employees. These are called micro businesses. The lines between business development, marketing and sales are often blurred for these solo-entrepreneurs to micro businesses. This ebook is based on working with successful service providers who are self-made millionaires. It includes the SECRETS these successful micro-businesses used to create financial freedom and leave lasting legacies. This guide will help you get more sales using mobile marketing tools, as well as real strategies that have stood the test of time. You’ll also learn about a passive income back-end system to generate sales leads 24/7.

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Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are (Que Biz-Tech)

Mobile Marketing

Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are


Use Mobile Marketing to Supercharge Brands, Sales, and Profits!


Using brand-new mobile marketing techniques, you can craft campaigns that are more personal, targeted, immediate, measurable, actionable–and fun! Now, one of the field’s leading pioneers shows exactly how to make mobile marketing work for your business. Cindy Krum cuts through the hype, revealing what’s working–and what isn’t. She guides you through identifying the right strategies and tactics for your products, services, brands, and customers…avoiding overly intrusive, counterproductive techniques…and how to successfully integrate mobile into your existing marketing mix. Above all, Krum shows you how to effectively execute on your mobile marketing opportunities–driving greater brand awareness, stronger customer loyalty, more sales, and higher profits.


Topics include

  • Getting started fast with mobile marketing
  • Understanding the international mobile marketing landscape
  • Targeting and tracking the fast-changing mobile demographic
  • Taking full advantage of the iPhone platform
  • Leveraging mobile advertising, promotion, and location-based marketing
  • Building micro-sites and mobile applications
  • Performing search engine optimization for mobile sites and applications
  • Building effective mobile affiliate marketing programs
  • Integrating online and offline mobile marketing
  • Avoiding mobile marketing spam, viruses, and privacy violations
  • Previewing the future of mobile marketing

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Mobile Marketing For Dummies

Straightforward advice on building and launching a mobile marketing plan

Mobile communication is hot, and so is marketing on mobile devices. Mobile Marketing For Dummies provides a clear and easy path for creating, launching, and making the most of a mobile marketing program. Designed for marketing professionals and other business people who may have little experience with the medium, it explains mobile marketing and how to convert a traditional marketing plan to mobile. Topics include assembling resources and budget, creating a plan, following best practices, building mobile sites, and much more.

  • Explains what mobile marketing is, how you can adapt a traditional marketing plan for mobile, and how to create and launch a mobile marketing plan from scratch
  • Covers activating a plan using voice, text, e-mail, and social media campaigns
  • Explores the nuts and bolts of building mobile sites, apps, monetizing mobile, and advertising on other mobile properties

Mobile Marketing For Dummies gives you the tools to succeed in this exciting environment.

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The Mobile Marketing Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns

In this new interactive edition of her bestselling guide to mobile marketing, Kim Dushinski shows how any firm can create successful mobile campaigns without breaking the bank. Her easy-to-follow advice helps readers interact with mobile users, build stronger customer relationships, reach a virtually unlimited number of new prospects, and gain competitive advantage by making the move to mobile now.

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High-profit sales to subvert the era of mobile Internet Marketing Tips(Chinese Edition)

Language:Chinese.Paperback. Pub Date: 2015-12-01 Pages: 218 Publisher: Machinery Industry Press current. by mastering sales techniques and means to achieve Sold target sales approach has become obsolete. only to adapt to the era of industrial mass production and sales as well as the initial stage of marketing. Current production and marketing push down the demand by the consumer. the reverse production and sales. Production showed more variety. low-volume. fast renovation feature. and now the sales talk is more advanced consultative selling. personalized sales and marketing fans. the end is the pursuit of high-margin sales. This book does not teaches how to short (short-sighted. short-term sales to sacrifice long-term interests). low (low sales). fast (instant success for sales and marketing. one-off transactions) method. this book is a collection of high-margin content the …

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