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THE GO-TO BOOK ON GOOGLE+ is a supersized social media toolbox with social media marketing strategy and step-by-step tutorials on Google Plus and Google My Business. It’s all you need to use Google Plus and become an expert on social media. This book covers more than just Google Plus and Google My Business. Learn social media marketing tactics & get tips on conversion marketing and sales, content marketing, PR, advertising, and how to choose between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Google Plus and social media can help you build your brand, reach customers, connect with employees or a membership, and stay on top of competitors. It can help you get found on Google,drive traffic to your online website, and get ratings for your Local business.

STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIALS with screen shots will help you create and optimize your Google Plus and Google My Business sites. You’ll learn how to create an awesome profile or business page and who to add to your circles for influence. How do you create a post that will pop off the page? How do you get invites to communities? Why not build your own community? Can you have a page without a profile? You’ll learn about local business pages and how to get found on Google Search, Maps, and Street Views.

You’ll learn the art of SOCIAL MEDIA and how to get TRAFFIC to your website. There are over 80 scoops of advice on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and social media networks. The latest research will help you decide which network is best for you. It covers advertising and sales. What can +post ads do for you? You’ll learn HOW TOP MARKETERS CREATE CONTENT FOR FREE and get their top tips on HOW TO OPTIMIZE POSTS for PageRank and engagement signals. What content gets the most engagement? **Google Search is all about social interaction.

The Go-to Book on Google+ is easy to read and quick to apply. Marketing and social media content is covered in point-form and you get the most and the latest. Graphics and images illustrate steps and concepts. You get everything I wish I knew when I got started on Google Plus. **Take a look at the Table of Contents and I know you’ll be convinced that this book is a wise investment.

1> Get 101+ tips on Google Plus that will help you save time and avoid problems

2> Learn how to use the Google bar menu, main menu tabs, apps, and settings

3> Learn how to use Google+ CIRCLES; how to filter and increase or drop the flow of your SOCIAL STREAM; how to block or mute followers; how to use GOOGLE PLUS FOR BUSINESS; how to use Google Plus HANGOUT; how to get your EVENT listed on the Google+ program; how to get on google+ communities; how to create interactive EVENT pages and REGISTER GUESTS.

4> Why choose Google Plus and Google My Business? How about other networks?

5> The latest on Google My Business and My Business DASHBOARD. What happened to pages?

6> What is PERMISSION marketing? How do you do SALES ACCELERATION? Do you need PR and how is it different from social media? What are ‘key interaction SIGNALS’? How do you get traffic and BACKLINKS? How do you OPTIMIZE POSTS, landing pages, blogs, and web sites? What’s everyone doing with CONTENT MARKETING and how can you do it better? What are the tricks to crafting awesome content? How can you share Google+ posts on other networks?

7> Learn the art of engagement and how to get followers. What about CURATED CIRCLES? How do you create an awesome image? What content is best to share and when to post it? What visuals to choose?

8> Who’s who on Google+? Who should you follow? What are the rules for adding people to CIRCLES? How many pages can you build for your business and who has ACCESS and AUTHORITY to do what OR manage your pages?

9> Plus get 120+ references to top blogs, videos, and other help tools

10> Plus over 200+ links and shortcuts to valuable resources
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