The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With YouTube & Web Video: 125 Tips to Easily Create, Promote and Monetize Videos in Your Niche

In just the past few years Web-based videos have gone from a brand new concept to a part of our daily lives. Thanks in large part to sites such as YouTube, Americans now watch billions of hours of videos each month. It’s hard to believe that just nine years ago, YouTube didn’t exist.

But Web videos aren’t simply an entertaining hobby. They’re big business, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year and making new millionaires of video stars each year. The following list of 125 tips and resources will give you the tools you need to start creating and monetizing Web videos in your niche.

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Money Phone: How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Six Figure Money-Making Marketing Machine and Close BIG Deals Quickly and Easily with Mobile Text and Video Marketing

What is Money Phone and how will it change the way you do business less than 30 minutes from now?

Because every business needs to get and close deals as quickly as possible but generally have these challenges…
(how many of these sound like you?):

They don’t:

  • have a list or database
  • know where to find high-quality, qualified prospects
  • have time
  • know how to pitch their products and services the right away
  • have good marketing
  • have an advertising budget
  • have a tech team
  • have automation tools


  • have limited resources and budgets
  • need to CLOSE DEALS NOW

Money Phone is the solution for all of these challenges because with it and your smartphone, you can:

  • Start closing deals in as little as an hour from now
  • Gain access qualified leads IMMEDIATELY for FREE
  • Find the highest-quality, motivated prospects with money
  • The book includes step-by-step scripts you can adapt to any business
  • You don’t need a marketing or advertising budget
  • No time required to get set up
  • Nobody to hire
  • Nothing to automate (unless you want to)
  • And you can use this to close deals of any size – 0, ,000, ,000, 0,000 or even more

Money Phone uses a combination of simple text messages, short 1 minute videos and easy-to-learn but advanced psychology (without using icky, annoying, salesy tactics) to access high-quality prospects, get their attention, engage with them, gain their trust and get them to say YES.

The bottom line is if you can copy and paste, send a text message, take a picture or shoot a 1 minute video on your smartphone, Money Phone can be used to close deals, starting now.

In fact, with the included free video training, you’ll see the EXACT strategies and get the EXACT scripts I’ve used to close ,700, ,700, ,000 and ,000 deals with text messages, short videos and my smartphone. If you don’t have a list, you’ll love this bonus because you can start getting and closing deals right away.

Who am I and why should you listen to or trust me?

I’ve been consulting, advising, building, growing and selling businesses since I was 16 years old. I’ve helped over 50,000 businesses over the course of 30 years who have purchased my products, coaching and consulting services and software tools.

Over the course of my career, I’ve sold well over ,000,000 worth of products, services, coaching, consulting and advice. I’ve also sold two of my businesses to publicly-traded companies.

I think it’s reasonable to say I’ve witnessed and participated in a multitude of different ways to find, get and close lots of customers – but the way that excites me most is using mobile marketing with video and that’s what this book and companion video is all about.

Everything I’m going to share with you in this book works face-to-face in person, at live events, conferences, trade shows, associations, in retail or online. The principles are all the same.

FREE – 0 Bonus Training

This book includes a step-by-step video training and copy-paste scripts you can use RIGHT NOW to find prospects and close 4,5 and 6-figure deals!

No software, experience or list required!

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YouTube Marketing: Helpful Tips & Strategies to Easily Make Money On YouTube (Youtube Marketing, Marketing Online Video, Make Money with Youtube, Ranking in Youtube, Marketing Tips, Youtube Book 1)

Learn How To Make Money Just By Using YouTube!

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Outside of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is arguably the biggest website on the Internet. It’s fun to get on, watch videos, and engage in conversation, but did you know that you can make money with your very own YouTube channel? Using the power of Google Adsense and search optimization, you, too, can harness the full potential of your YouTube channel and start making money today.

This book holds all the answers to generating a stream of income just by posting videos to YouTube in a very simple guide. Buy your copy now and get in on the phenomenon to make it work for you!

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* YouTube Monetization Methods
* How to increase your marketing potential
* Strategies for generating traffic
* Google Adsense for YouTube


Comments From Other Readers

“YouTube is synonymous with Internet videos, and it’s a site I use at least once a day. Who knew that it could also be a lucrative business for any user? This book was so helpful and informative, and I’m having a blast making money with my channel!” – Julie N. (Kansas City, USA)

“I had already gotten hooked up with Google Adsense for my YouTube channel, but I just wasn’t generating enough traffic to make it a worthwhile thing. Thanks to this book, I learned some strategies to help put a fire under my viewership, and I’ve already seen double what I was getting before.” – Dan H. (Waco, USA)

“I hadn’t thought about it before, but Google taking ownership of YouTube was a great move for pretty much everybody. This book goes out of its way to point that out by highlighting the connection between Google search result optimization and ad revenue on YouTube. Time to make the most of it!” – Rachel L. (Tampa Bay, USA)

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