Small Business Marketing – With 21st Century Apps and Maps (Cutting Edge Marketing Tips for Small Businesses)

Small local business owners are up against a tidal wave of technological innovations that have the power to either obliterate those who remain unaware of them . . . or offer an unprecedented opportunity to profit and crush the competition!

You won’t want to be left behind! Not after you read this book – if you’ve been sensing change has been in the air for awhile now, you’ll soon realize you’ve been right and will not only understand why, but learn what you’ll need to do about it.

Up to a point, DIY implementation will at least get you off on the right foot. Once you understand the right course of action, you can begin to re-allocate your current (likely ineffective) marketing budget and get help where you need it.

Small Business Marketing – with 21st Century Apps and Maps was written to bring you and other local small business owners (or those planning to start a small business) up-to-date on the game changing affect mobile technology has on business marketing.

It assumes that you own a business. If so,and you aren’t already up-to-speed on local and mobile marketing, this book will provide the illumination you need in order to save your business now and for the future!

Vera Ambuehl is the founder of Whidbey Marketing Maven in Oak Harbor, Washington. She’s been published Internationally through Toastmaster Magazine, is an approved Referral Partner of First Data Corporation, and is a member of the Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA).

She helps local business owners with their online and mobile strategy through on-site training and services, as well as providing web content creation and other business writing services. Her training began in 2005, and her commitment to continuing education helps her remain on the cutting edge.

This book covers the following facets of small business marketing:

Online Reviews and Reputation Management – ideas for getting more positive reviews

Google Adwords for Local Businesses – will it help you to accept those 0 gift cards?

Google Wallet Transactions – What’s this all about, and who should you contact for more information?

Google + Local Pages – Helpful instructions so you can get started

Mobile Marketing – what is it, and should you care?

Mobile Apps – should you also have a mobile App?

Click the ‘Buy’ Button now to benefit from this valuable information! There’s no risk, and you won’t know how this book can help you until you’ve read it!

This book will not be right for anyone who’s determined to stick with the status quo, following the marketing methods that worked prior to the Internet’s prominence and the evolution of mobile technology.

If you’re open to change though, the content is most likely going to be easy to understand. So, if you’re still reading this description, go ahead, just get this book! Read it, then leave your feedback in the form of a review, your honest opinion will be welcomed.

If you like this book, watch for the next in this series!

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