VIRAL: 7 Social Media Marketing Tips To Making Your Facebook Fanpages Go Completely Viral! (VIRAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 1)

Why did we create this VIRAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING series?

Well, in our consultancy we get questions like…

Why Do You Need to Utilize the Power of Facebook Marketing for Your Business?
How Can I Use Viral Marketing To Get Traffic?
How Can I Use Viral Marketing to Spread the Word About My Business?
How Can I Create Viral Marketing Campaigns?
How Should I Use Facebook As a Marketing Tool for My Business?
Facebook Hashtags Whats It All About?
Can Facebook Really Help My Business?
How Can I Create The Best Facebook Fan Pages For My Business?

These are all questions we wanted to give you the answers to in this quick reference guide of micro social media marketing strategies that you can immediately use to make your facebook fanpages go viral!

Have you ever felt frustrated that your facebook fanpages weren’t getting the exposure they deserved? In order to have your posts reach the widest possible audience, you need to establish strategies for maximum engagement.

This has been rendered easy by a new ebook, which features a guide that is key to running a successful fan page.

Why You Need This Book…

With almost half a billion users, facebook is the most popular and widely accessible social media website. The site is a den of success and enrichment for the marketers that know how to use it. Regardless of what you create a fanpage for, the higher the number of likes, the more people are seeing your posts, and the greater the number of ad-clicks you may generate. In order to make the maximum amount of money from your fanpage, you must ensure you attract the greatest traffic.

To put it into perspective, consider selling a ruby in a local market place, as opposed to at the largest precious stone convention in your country. Without a viral page, you are incapable of communicating to your target audience anything you wish to share, which will make it close to impossible to make money from running the page.

To gain the momentum you need to reach the viral status you seek, you must have a target of at least 20,000 likes. By purchasing this social media marketing ebook, you will be let on to the techniques marketers making up to a ,000 a day are now using.

A Glimpse Of The Core Techniques You Will Learn


While it may seem obvious, it is incredibly difficult to create entirely unique content every time. This ebook seeks to teach you strategies which, used by viral pages such as Upworthy or Elitedaily, make for fresh, different and original posts and articles relevant to current trends and interests. Thus, you will grow you viral community’ – or the people inclined to regularly share your content – and grow your page’s recognition as a source of content unavailable anywhere else. This will attract more likes and eventually, the page will almost run itself; all you will need is to occasionally post entertaining material while the buzz surrounding your page makes the money for you.

Knowing Your Target Audience

You may be overwhelmed by the percentages and diagrams shown to you on your statistical page overview. This marketing ebook will enable you to understand the patterns behind the numbers, and translate them into knowledge of your audience, the people that engage the most with your page, and those most responsive to your ads. You will even be able to understand the popularity of each post in relation to particular demographics, so as to adapt all content you publish to the audience you wish to reach.

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