Social Media: Social Media Marketing – Using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram And Tumblr To Grow Your Business, Be Successful And Boost Your Sales … Strategies, Social Media Influence)

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Nowadays, you NEED to develop your social media marketing skills, in order to get over your competition.

That’s a fact: your competitors know how to use social media marketing to boost their sales!

The most popular sites on the web are social medias: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter. People can also use them on their smartphones! Imagine how HUGE of a opportunity this is, for your business and for your future!

In the olden times, advertising a product or service was very limited. Depending on the media you use, the scope and coverage was obviously limited. Now, in a span of an hour, your post can go viral and get million views. As of January 2014, 74% of online adults in North America used social networking sites, and that number leaps to 89% for the 18-29 age range. See the power of social media in today’s marketing? Getting to know the features of these platforms will help you ease your tactics in to win your business customers.

In a survey conducted by Hubspot, 92% of the businesses in 2014 have acknowledged the importance of social media in their growth.

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  • A step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook for Social Media Marketing
  • The Power of Instagram and Youtube: visual content is getting popular in the social media because they can immediately attract people!
  • Twitter for Social Media Marketing: a step-by-step formula
  • Tumblr and Blogs Marketing strategies!
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks, only for REAL Action Takers!

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A Moron’s Guide to Mobile Marketing: Increase Sales, Boost Business, the Tips and More!

An excerpt, “…Add mobile friendly maps and correlating directions to your mobile website. A lot of people use mobile websites to help them to get to different locations. Make it easy for them to get to you. Make sure your maps look good on mobile devices and show up well when you do a mobile search. Create a link on your mobile site that has a link to Google maps making it easier for your visitors to find your exact location.”

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Facebook Marketing For Business: Advertising Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Generate Traffic And Boost Sales

Are you still trying to figure out if Facebook can help your business grow

Even though there are new social media platforms emerging every year, they still cannot generate the hype nor the grip that Facebook has on its users.

Facebook is the most addictive social media platform!

Yes, Facebook is addictive, highly addictive. And if you are able to reach out to the ones that matter, your targeted audience, you will be able to make your voice heard.

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is easy (which I demonstrate in the book), however, reaching out to your audience and grabbing their attention is not.

So, in this book I will teach you how you can employ various Facebook marketing strategies, tips, tricks and secrets that will help you drive more traffic to your site and boost up your sales levels.

I will teach you how you can ameliorate your social media presence and turn your business into a popular social brand.

Although the newest Facebook algorithms are favoring Facebook paid advertising gigs, there are still various Facebook marketing tricks and mastermind strategies you can employ, all free of charge! Read all about how you can ride the Facebook train free of charge, occasionally paying to upgrade your seat!

Facebook for beginners, and the not-so absolute beginners

This book is actually a social media guide for all business owners, it is designed to see the perspectives of Facebook for business owners.

Facebook Marketing For Business is actually a clay, and in your hands, you can create a masterpiece, or create a piece of nothing.

All of these Facebook marketing tricks, tips, strategies mentioned in the book are intended to serve you and your goal to become somebody in the social media realm.

In the book, you will be able to proliferate your knowledge on:

– Which are the 10 Commandments of Facebook Marketing for Business;
– 101 Facebook Marketing for Rookies -Taking Baby Steps
– Revealing the Secrets of Posting an Engaging Facebook Content
– Learn which are the 9 Ways in which Facebook Fans can Help You Boost Sales!
– Explore the Wonderful Opportunities Presented by Facebook Ads: General Tips, Tricks and Strategies
– Learn How to Gain Control over Facebook Advertising Costs in Easy and Breezy Way!
– Tips on Better Audience Targeting with Facebook Ads
– When Nothing Else Seems to Work, Bring Out the Big Guns: 9 Strategies to Wake up Your Sleepy Audience and Make Your Voice Heard
– Success Stories: 5 Ways in which Popular Brands Reached 1 Million Fans in 1 Month (and what have we learned from them)

And so much more…

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Video Marketing Pro: Professional Video Marketing Strategies that Boost Leads, Sales and ROI

Discover How To Use Video Marketing In Your Business To Attract More Prospects & Sales!Online video has burst onto the scene as arguably the best promotion strategy for both large and small business alike!Whatever your business is, video gives you more opportunities to expand your brand and share you message with the world at a very affordable cost.Establishing a good video marketing strategy is a “must have” strategy if you want to build a business online in today’s day in age!Here is just a sample of what you will learn: Best Places to Use “Video Marketing”4 Steps to Creating a Great Video Marketing CampaignCreating VideosVideo Equipment (For All Types of Videos)6 Types of Viral VideosMore Great Ideas to Make Videos AboutHow to Make Your Video Stand Out From Your CompetitorsTop 7 Video Marketing Distribution Sites3 Keys to Success with Video MarketingVideo Marketing Metrics (What You Should Be Tracking)BONUS: YouTube SEO for #1 Google Rankings (Checklist)You literally cannot get these “video marketing” strategies anywhere unless you are willing to pay ,500-,000 or more! So grab your copy of video marketing pro today before the price goes up!

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