SEO SECRETS 2015: Expert Search Engine Optimization Methods & SEO Google Marketing 2015 (BEST SEO BOOKS Book 3)

Are you looking for more organic SEO traffic to your website and dont know how to get it? This book gives you all the latest SEO methods, technics & tips to start improving your website rankings big time. Push your website to the first page of Google and other Search Engines to start your online success by SEO Search Optimization !

Learn all about:

– Keyword Research
– Title, Meta-Tags, URL
– Content Optimization
– Image Optimization
– Backlinks
– Google Marketing

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Social Media Just for Writers: The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books

You wrote your book and sold copies to family members, friends, and colleagues. Now you want to reach readers around the state, across the country, or on the other side of the world. But how? With social media, you can build your platform and reach markets you never imagined possible before. In this book you will learn how to: create your Facebook fan page and initiate active engagement with your readers, use a myriad of Twitter applications to help you economize your time while expanding your tribe, optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords, tackle Google+ with renewed confidence, build Pinterest pinboards and use them to promote your books and blog, and round out your online strategies with offline marketing techniques.

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Website Traffic and Video Views Book Bundle – 4 Books

Book Bundles For Kindle: Get 4 books in 1 and increase your web success!

Website Traffic and Video Views Book Bundle is the perfect bundle of books for online entrepreneurs and people with online businesses and websites. This bundle works especially well for bloggers, internet marketers, video creators, and anyone with a website that wants to be seen by millions of people.

Mick Macro is the author of many books related to the website/blog/video niches, and strives to help out the internet community in any way possible. This book bundle is one of those ways of being helpful, because you are getting a super deal here.

Here’s what’s included in your book bundle:

– BONUS REPORT: How To Truly Achieve Web Success, Now AND In The Future

– Blogger’s Block: Writer’s Block For Bloggers – How To Get Rid Of It Now!
+ Bonus Report: 10 Blogging Ideas That NEVER Fail

– Video Idea Blueprint: 10 Steps To An Overflow Of Video Ideas
+ Bonus #1 – Idea-Generating Tools
+ Bonus #2 – Blogging to Video
+ Bonus #3 – 20 Quick Tips List

– Traffic Crazy – Get 10,000 Visitors To Your Website By The End Of The Day

– More Views Please! – 21 Secrets To Rank #1 On YouTube
+ Bonus #1 – Subscribe Button
+ Bonus #2 – Interaction
+ Bonus #3 – Show Up More
+ Bonus #4 – The Secret Video Ranking Checklist

“The perfect book for online entrepreneurs and professionals…”

This book bundle works great if you are an online entrepreneur, and works out even better if you have a blog and post videos online. Although I will admit, the people who will get the most out of this book bundle are the ACTION TAKERS. The people who take action will be the serious success stories.

Don’t look at this book bundle as a “business in a box” sort of thing. Think of this book bundle as a serious addition to the arsenal of strategies and tips and thoughts and books you have about growing an online business.

Check out what you get inside this book right now:

– Blogger’s Block: Writer’s Block For Bloggers – How To Get Rid Of It Now!

The book “Blogger’s Block – Get Rid Of It Now!” takes on the challenge of coming up with fresh blog post ideas, and completely demolishes any doubt of finding ideas and getting content on your blog. This book starts from the beginning stages of coming up with core ideas, and micro-categorizing your ideas for maximum blogging results. It then takes you much deeper into tools, website, techniques, strategies, blogging tips, and SECRETS for coming up with 1,000s of blog post ideas that you can use right away.

– Video Idea Blueprint: 10 Steps To An Overflow Of Video Ideas

“Video Idea Blueprint – 10 Steps To An Overflow Of Video Ideas” takes you through the stages of coming up with your own video ideas, getting ideas from others, and making your ideas stand out (making them better than your competitor). I also teach you a step by step strategy for generating core ideas that can be used over and over. This works well for video series, video shows, and also helps with branding yourself online.

– Traffic Crazy – Get 10,000 Visitors To Your Website By The End Of The Day

In “Traffic Crazy – Get 10,000 Visitors By The End Of The Day”, you are taught the easiest and fastest way of generating lots of web traffic to your website or blog. If you follow all of the steps in the book, you are guaranteed to have 10,000 visitors to your website by the end of today. I also teach you extra steps in ensuring long-term website traffic, as well as ways of putting your online traffic on auto-pilot.

– More Views Please!: 21 Secrets To Rank #1 On YouTube

More Views Please, The 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1 is the YouTube ebook no-fluff guide to getting any of your YouTube videos to rank #1 for not just one keyword, but for dozens and even hundreds of keywords.

Enjoy the boo

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PINTEREST: The Ultimate Pinterest Guide For Beginners (Pinterest Marketing- Pinterest for Business- Pinterest Memes- Pinterest Power- Pinterest for Dummies- Pinterest Books)


Your Ultimate 101 Pinterest Guide

Have you ever….
Wondered what Pinterest is?
Do you dream of an unlimited supply of Customers?
Did you know Pinterest can be a big part of your free Marketing with Great results?
Would you like to know how to use Pinterest to grow your business?

Pinterest is an online visual bulletin board. It is a relatively new social sharing website that is sweeping the nation. You choose an image that you like and pin it on a board that you name. From fitness to food, to photography and art, there are unlimited possibilities with Pinterest. What seems like a simple concept is simply addictive. All the things that you would traditionally cut out from a magazine or print off the internet are no longer necessary. The days of cutting pictures from a magazine, articles, and recipes are long gone. You can pin any image to a board on your Pinterest account. You can follow other people’s boards, you can follow friend’s boards, friends can follow you, it’s a lot like facebook and twitter in that respect to sharing and amplification of what you are posting.

Given the right social media strategy and implementation, Pinterest may actually offer any business more referral traffic than Twitter, and perhaps generate more leads than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. It may even have the power to convert more fans into paying customers who will easily share your content with their friends.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

– What is Pinterest?

– Is Pinterest the New Social Media King?

– Attracting followers on Pinterest

– Pinterest for Business and Marketing

And Much, Much More!

Why You Should Buy This Book

One of the hottest social networking sites today is Pinterest. Pinterest has had a steady and progressive rise over the years, thanks in large part to its heavy focus on gorgeous images. The site’s enormous success is definitely one for the books. Latest figures show that Pinterest has over 70 million registered users across the world, with a huge bulk of them – or more than 50 million users – coming from the United States alone.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to start Social Media Marketing with Pinterest this book is for you!
This book is action packed full of great idea’s to help you get started on Pinterest Today!

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Instagram Marketing 101: The Only Guide You”ll Need To Master Instagram (Instagram, Instagram Marketing Tips, Instagram Marketing For Beginners, Instagram Marketing Books)

DISCOVER The Secrets of Using Instagram to BECOME an Authority on this Social Media

You are going to find here, everything that you need to become a SUCCESSFUL INSTAGRAM MARKETER

When you buy this book you are going to discover how to

*Get More Followers
*How to market like the pros
*How to use hashtags to target your perfect customer
*Mind blowing marketing tricks (that you can implement today)
*How to take the perfect photo for you marketing efforts!

And much MORE!!! 🙂

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Leverage Instagram Campaigns
  • Make Smart Use of Hashtags
  • The Best Time Of The Day To Post On Instagram
  • Download your copy today!

    Get this book TODAY! you will learn everything you need to become a master on instagram.

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