97 Twitter Marketing Tips for Authors

Twitter is the social media platform that many people struggle with, though it can provide a number of benefits. Authors finally get the help they need with setup, getting followers, writing tweets, and more. 97 tips are provided to take writers through everything they need to know about conquering Twitter once and for all.

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97 Facebook Marketing Tips for Authors

Note: This is a marketing book to help you with social media marketing for all levels of authors. There are tips for Facebook that focus on other areas as well, including Twitter, Amazon, and more.
Facebook is one of the top social media platforms and has been very effective for authors who wish to market their books. 97 Facebook Marketing Tips for Authors will take you through the necessary steps to figure out how to navigate through the platform in order to market more effectively. Learn how to set up an Author Page and various tips to help with finding friends, connecting with bloggers, hosting events, and more.

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How to Use MailChimp for Beginners: The Indie Author’s Guide to Email Marketing

As an indie author you may have heard a thing or two about starting an email list. But what if you’re not sure where to start? Nowadays there are so many options available to you–AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response and so many others–but one of the most popular is MailChimp.

If you’ve ever wanted to try MailChimp but weren’t sure where to start or possibly found it intimidating, then this is the book for you. Follow along with simple step-by-step instructions that will make it easy to master sending your first campaign and get you connecting with your fan base.

In this short guide designed for MailChimp beginners you’ll discover:

-How to set up your account and start your first list
-How to build various types of signup forms
-How to build your first campaign
-How to understand analytics
-Ideas for building your mailing list (unique to self-publishing)
-General tips and do’s and don’ts for writing your campaigns
-Explore further integrations such as WordPress plugins, mobile apps, Facebook and tablet forms

Email marketing shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg either so sit back, pull up a seat, and let’s start building you some new skills.

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Direct Marketing
Email Marketing
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Tools for Writers, Bloggers and Entrepreneurs
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75 Email Marketing Tips for Kindle Publishers and Authors: Promote Your Kindle Book Using the Power of Email Marketing

75 Email Marketing Tips for Kindle Publishers and Authors

This book provides both Kindle authors and publishers with 75 powerful and indefensible tips on how to market your Kindle publications using the power of email marketing. Email marketing is proven to be an incredibly effective method of communicating with your target audience and delivering them fresh and interest content directly to their email inbox. Social networking has become incredibly popular in recent years however the average Twitter or Facebook user only sees approximately 10% of the Tweets and comments on their feeds. By delivering opted in content directly to your readers email inbox your chances of interacting and communicating with your target audience is much greater with some estimates as much as 70%. Enabling you to use your time up to 7 times more effectively than relying social media.

Email marketing is also much simpler than many people believe. A number of email marketing specialists have developed online tools which enable you to build an email list of your readers and deliver automated emails incredibly quickly and easily. Enabling you to collect your emails readers and deliver content which convinces your readers to purchase your latest Kindle book much easier than other forms of marketing.

75 Email Marketing Tips for Kindle Publishers and Authors delivers just what is says in the title. Providing you with a range of tips on how build an email list featuring your target audience and passionate followers who can’t wait to read your latest book!

10. Reasons To Buy This Book

1. You will discover the power and effectiveness of email marketing and the impact it can have your kindle book sales.
2. You will learn how to start small and grow your email marketing campaign as your skills improve.
3. How to develop a unique selling point which will power your number of subscribers.
4. How to present information and daily images within your marketing emails.
5. You will learn how to identify your target audience and create a reader profile.
6. You will discover the legal requirements to ensure you are following the correct rules.
7. How to use your Facebook and Twitter profiles to build an email marketing list.
8. You will discover the importance the of trust and honest in effective email marketing.
9. You will learn about the free resources you can use to develop your emails and auto-responders.
10. This book will also teach you how to use social proof to create a powerful and effective brand for your Kindle email marketing.

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Email Marketing For Authors: How To Use Email Marketing To Find New Readers (Authors Book Marketing Series 2)

Email Marketing for Authors: How To Use Email Marketing To Find New Readers.

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of marketing a book! Email marketing is the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver your book marketing messages directly to your readers and to get them to engage with you as an author so Email Marketing for Authors is the essential guide to online marketing, in other words emarketing your book.

As a new author or a writer waiting to self-publish your books, this guide will get you set up, and emailing within a day. It will show you how to start email list building and engage with potential readers of your books. In fact, anyone who needs to learn email marketing can use this guide to get set up and begin email marketing their products or services. That goes for authors, freelancers, artists, professional service providers and entrepreneurs. Insert your product where ‘book’s are mentioned and you have a step-by-step guide to learning about email marketing.

Email Marketing Benefits

The benefits of using email marketing for promoting your books:

1. It’s instant and gets into your reader’s inbox in seconds after you hit send

2. You’re able to build a rapport with them with your personal journey to writing books they will love

3. If you get your messaging right, they’ll share your news and thus your books with their friends. Readers want to connect with authors they like. They want to hear more about you and your writing, and especially when news about the next book will hit their inbox.

Email Marketing for Authors will show you:

• What’s email marketing and how authors will benefit

• How to set up an email marketing account

• How to prepare email marketing messages

• Email permissions and legal compliance

• Where to feature your sign-up links to get new reader subscribers

• Lots of ideas for building your email marketing list

• How to run stylish email marketing campaigns

• How to sell books through email marketing without spamming your readers

• How to retain your subscribers and keep them engaged with your email marketing messages

Download Email Marketing for Authors now and start building your readers list!

As part of the Authors’ Book Marketing Series, this email marketing guide will walk you through the maze of email marketing and get you ready to start marketing your books to readers.

If you’re still writing your book, grab a free book on how to write a novel at Paula Wynne’s website and a free book on the 7 steps to a bestselling novel.

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