The Mobile Marketer: 50 Apps and Tips to Up Your Social Game

Whether you are a marketing professional, public relations guru or entrepreneur, you are in the business of promoting or selling something. It could be a product, a service, a concept or a cause, but staying in the limelight is crucial to your success. New mobile tools make it easy for you to be marketer extraordinaire, get great publicity and create your own limelight. You don’t even need an office. In fact, you could go to the beach for several months and nobody would notice you were there (unless of course you post pictures of yourself in your hot new bikini and tag your organization’s Facebook page.) This book will teach you how to make the most of all your social media marketing tools and make a way for you to do more mobile marketing from your smart phone.

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Small Business Marketing – With 21st Century Apps and Maps (Cutting Edge Marketing Tips for Small Businesses)

Small local business owners are up against a tidal wave of technological innovations that have the power to either obliterate those who remain unaware of them . . . or offer an unprecedented opportunity to profit and crush the competition!

You won’t want to be left behind! Not after you read this book – if you’ve been sensing change has been in the air for awhile now, you’ll soon realize you’ve been right and will not only understand why, but learn what you’ll need to do about it.

Up to a point, DIY implementation will at least get you off on the right foot. Once you understand the right course of action, you can begin to re-allocate your current (likely ineffective) marketing budget and get help where you need it.

Small Business Marketing – with 21st Century Apps and Maps was written to bring you and other local small business owners (or those planning to start a small business) up-to-date on the game changing affect mobile technology has on business marketing.

It assumes that you own a business. If so,and you aren’t already up-to-speed on local and mobile marketing, this book will provide the illumination you need in order to save your business now and for the future!

Vera Ambuehl is the founder of Whidbey Marketing Maven in Oak Harbor, Washington. She’s been published Internationally through Toastmaster Magazine, is an approved Referral Partner of First Data Corporation, and is a member of the Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA).

She helps local business owners with their online and mobile strategy through on-site training and services, as well as providing web content creation and other business writing services. Her training began in 2005, and her commitment to continuing education helps her remain on the cutting edge.

This book covers the following facets of small business marketing:

Online Reviews and Reputation Management – ideas for getting more positive reviews

Google Adwords for Local Businesses – will it help you to accept those 0 gift cards?

Google Wallet Transactions – What’s this all about, and who should you contact for more information?

Google + Local Pages – Helpful instructions so you can get started

Mobile Marketing – what is it, and should you care?

Mobile Apps – should you also have a mobile App?

Click the ‘Buy’ Button now to benefit from this valuable information! There’s no risk, and you won’t know how this book can help you until you’ve read it!

This book will not be right for anyone who’s determined to stick with the status quo, following the marketing methods that worked prior to the Internet’s prominence and the evolution of mobile technology.

If you’re open to change though, the content is most likely going to be easy to understand. So, if you’re still reading this description, go ahead, just get this book! Read it, then leave your feedback in the form of a review, your honest opinion will be welcomed.

If you like this book, watch for the next in this series!

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Mobile App Marketing And Monetization: How To Promote Mobile Apps Like A Pro: Learn to promote and monetize your Android or iPhone app. Get hundreds of thousands of downloads & grow your app business

This book will teach you how to effectively promote your app, get downloads, make money from your app, and help you achieve your goals and dreams for your app.

I am an independent mobile app entrepreneur just like you, and I wrote this book to teach you all my strategies for how to:

– Get 1,000,000+ downloads from mobile app store marketing
– Save money by doing your own ASO (search engine optimization SEO for Android and the Apple App stores) better than most consultants you might consider hiring
– Create an app marketing strategy outside the app stores by getting press coverage and learning how to promote an app using social media and social sharing
– Make money with effective app store monetization to help you maximize your app revenue with subscriptions, in-app purchases, publishing effective ads, selling affiliate products and other strategies used by successful mobile app businesses
– Create a successful mobile app business

I wrote this book with all my heart and soul. The book draws on my own years of experience building top apps in my niche, promoting apps, making money with my apps, and coaching other app entrepreneurs on how they can make turn their mobile apps into successful businesses.

You will be getting the best of all worlds. First, I have very deep hands on experience building and growing my own apps. Second, I have a wealth of experience coaching and observing other app entrepreneurs whose experiences and aspirations are probably very similar to yours. In this book you get all the insights from me making my own apps a success, and the insights of the cumulative experiences of the people I’ve coached.

This is a very to the point book with many actionable tips and strategies for how to promote your mobile app (iPhone or Android), make money from your smartphone applications, and generally treat it as a real business. All suggestions in this book are based on my own experiences promoting my own business apps which at the point of latest revision of this book have cumulative 1,000,000+ downloads, and insights of me having coached over 100 other app entrepreneurs.

I am an independent mobile application developer and mobile application entrepreneur just like you. I am not a multi-million dollar app development studio or a big company. If you are an independent app developer just like me, you can use the mobile application marketing strategies that I outline in this book. Many of the strategies are simple and effective, and you can begin working on them as early as today.

The book contains over 20 strategies to promote your apps. They all worked for my apps and they will help you grow your app to its highest potential. After growing your app, you will be able to make good money from your app, and achieve the goals that you have for your app business.

Get the book now, and become a pro at app store marketing (app store SEO which is otherwise known as ASO), and start increasing your app downloads and revenue today!

Here are some of the most common types of apps that get planned and promoted using this book: games, especially puzzle game apps, productivity apps, social apps, photo sharing apps, business apps, and event planning apps.

Who this book is ideal for: this book is ideal for first-time mobile app entrepreneurs. It is best to get this book before you start working on your mobile app because this book can give you many strategies or tell you about many pitfalls for your app that you may not foresee if this is your first app business.

Go ahead, and get the book, and let’s get you on the road to mobile app success.

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Go Mobile: Location-Based Marketing, Apps, Mobile Optimized Ad Campaigns, 2D Codes and Other Mobile Strategies to Grow Your Business

Set-up, run, and measure successful mobile media marketing campaigns

Go Mobile is packed with tools, tips, and techniques that will help readers set-up, launch, run, and measure mobile media campaigns. This book will help readers understand the different mobile media platforms, learn how to us SMS for business, incorporate 2D and QR Codes into their campaigns, develop mobile websites and mobile apps, see case studies, and much more.

Go Mobile offers practical, step-by-step guidance for implementing a mobile marketing campaign. Readers will learn how to:

  • Use location-based marketing to get new customers and keep existing ones
  • Integrate social media with your mobile media campaign
  • Use mobile E-commerce to improve brand loyalty
  • Measure the ROI of a mobile media campaign
  • Develop mobile media business models you can use to grow revenues

With these effective, efficient, and integrated mobile marketing campaigns, business owners and marketers will garner enviable response rates and watch their revenue grow more rapidly than ever before.

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Mobile Marketing Magic: How Your Business Can Use A Mobile Website, Text Message Marketing, and Mobile Apps To Get More Customers, Repeat Business and Greater Profits!

A mobile website and mobile apps are mobile marketing services you should use to get more customers and repeat business, before your local competition masters these technologies and steals all your business. Are you ready for new customers and repeat business that mobile marketing can bring you? Do you want to be two steps ahead of your local competition? If you answered, “YES” to both questions, then your business needs to get “Mobile Marketing Services Magic.”

I also show you how to get ,797 in FREE Mobile Marketing Services for your business.

“Chris provided my company, Dream Team Events LLC, with an amazing and thorough website analysis which has in turn provided many opportunities for my company to improve its online exposure. Chris’ advice was spot-on, creative and timely for us as we were in the process of updating our online presence.”

Chelsea Boehler, Dream Team Events LLC

The world is going mobile and if your business doesn’t master mobile marketing services, with a mobile website and mobile apps, you just might find your business out of business. Don’t let this happen. You have what you need in front of your face to get tons of new customers who use mobile devices to search the Internet. Get this book before your local competition gets it first. In this eBook you discover:

* Why your must start using mobile marketing services before your local competitors (the reasons are not what you are thinking right now)

* The critical differences between Text Message Marketing, Mobile Websites, and Mobile Apps (You only need two of these technologies, and I tell you which two.)

* How to get free demo mockups of a mobile website and a mobile app for your business so you can try before you invest your money (this is a ,795 value you get free)

* Why mobile marketing services will get your marketing message read 97% of the time within 5-minutes (this is 100x better than sending email that gets read only 4% of the time)

* How to get Apple and Google Android stores to carry your mobile app so you raise the prestige of your business.

* The Secret mobile-method to getting your current customers to spread the word about your business using their mobile phones…free (it’s so simple you’ll be shocked)

* And a whole lot more that will amaze you …

“Chris provided me with an accurate review of my website on how to utilize the local and major search engines to attract more customers to my website and to increase my business. His video was clear and easy for me to understand. I recommend Chris’ services!”

Cathy Montante, Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique and Bridals

Look, your local competition is plotting ways to get all of your customers and leave you with nothing. Don’t let them get ahead of you. Today is the day you must seize your opportunity to use mobile marketing services to get new customers and to get past customers to buy from you again. But, if you wait until your competitors all have mobile websites and mobile apps for their businesses, you may be left picking over the scraps left over. Don’t let this happen.

In business, the advantage goes to business owners who get ahead of the pack. Don’t be caught flat footed playing catch up. Right now is the time you must take action. Today, get your copy of “Mobile Marketing Magic: How Your Business Can Use A Mobile Website, Text Message Marketing, and Mobile Apps To Get More Customers, Repeat Business and Greater Profits!”

Download this informative book right now.

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