Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers

Paperback. Pub. Date: November 2011 Pages: 272 in Publisher: John Wiley Teaching photographers how to the use withsocial media to the grow their businessesWith the rapid rise of both digital photography. and withsocial media. amateur photographers can now turn what was once a hobby into a thriving business. Social media sites such as Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. and Flickr offer loads of exciting marketing opportunities. This practical guide from a well-respected professional photographer shows you how to take advantage of social media to grow a profitable photography business. If you’ve been wondering which social media sites to use. how to use them. how often to use them. and more. this book is for you.Guides you through how to market your photography business on Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Flickr. and other social media sitesShows you how to translate your use of social …

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