Power Up Your Email Marketing: Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Power Up Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the most powerful way to communicate with your customers. Lawrence Chasse the author has over 16 years experience marketing for large and small companies. Are you currently doing print media, radio advertising or other mediums without understanding the return on investment (ROI)? Email marketing is a measurable medium and it is easy to get started. In this book, Lawrence will cover:

The Creative process
– Creating your marketing personas
– Marketing to your audience successfully
– Creating your marketing calendar
– Brainstorming ideas and layouts

Execution of your email programs
– Email service providers – Which one is right for you?
– Images, test or both?
– Design process – The good and the bad
– Buttons are important
– Calls to action drive behavior
– Setting up your tests

Measuring for success
– Identifying your key performance metrics (KPIs)
– Measuring your programs and making changes

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