Pokemon Go Guide For Trainers: Over 46 Tips For Beginner And Advanced Users

Do you want to be the best Pokemon Trainer there ever was?
Then this book is for you!

This ebook will teach you all the tips, tricks and hacks on how to become the best Pokemon Trainer in the Pokemon Go mobile game!

I am Victor Arthur, a professional gamer, and I will teach you how to rock at this game! This guide book covers all – from basics for beginners to advanced stuff for expert users.

This book includes over 46 tips on:

  • how to find and catch Pokemon
  • how to win gym battles
  • how to defend gyms
  • how to catch ’em all
  • how to use your Stardust and Candy wisely
  • how to save your data and battery
  • and many more!

Are you ready to become an expert and the best at Pokemon Go?

Scroll up and hit that buy button!

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