Network Marketing Made Simple: A Guide For Training New Distributors

“. . .an invaluable tool for sponsors to provide their downline” — Donald Gravalec
“Helps prioritize activities that create income. A must read for any new distributor.” –R. Pike

The best way to train a new distributor is to get them on the phone or out in the field talking to people. They need to recruit and make some money.

But first, they need to know the basics.

“Network Marketing Made Simple” teaches new distributors the basics of network marketing. It shows them how to get their business started, how to recruit and make money, and how to get to the next level.

It doesn’t replace your company or team training, it supports it. By reading this book first, new distributors will better understand the company or team training, and be more likely to follow the system they are taught.

PART 1 teaches new distributors the basics of network marketing. It shows them what they need to know and what they need to do to get their business started right.

PART 2 shows them how to recruit their first distributor. It shows them how to identify and approach prospects, how to show them information about your products or services and your business opportunity, and how to determine if their prospects are ready to take the next step.

PART 3 is about getting to the next level. It teaches distributors how to find more prospects and better prospects. They’ll learn how to use events for recruiting and training, and how to become a leader and help their organization grow.

Your new distributors (or YOU if you are a new distributor) will learn:

— Why you should LAUNCH your new business, not just start it. . . and how to do it right
— 3 steps to recruiting your first distributor (and your second, third, fourth. . .)
— The best ways to approach prospects and get them to look at your business and products
— How to recruit more distributors in less time
— How to do an effective game plan with new distributors
— 3 types of “exposures” (and 3 ways to do them)
— The no-pressure way to close prospects and get them signed up
— Basic leadership skills for building your team
— And much more

You can use this book to train new distributors, as a teaching guide on team calls, or as a self-study guide.

If you have a new distributor, or you are a new distributor, this is the book for you.

David M. Ward is an attorney, marketing consultant, and six-figure income earner in network marketing.

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