Marketing Matters: Top Ten Tips to Increase Your Book Sales

Cassandra Carr, an author of more than fifty works who also has fifteen years of marketing experience and an MBA, offers writers ten tips for marketing in the new age of publishing. The book is written in a concise, easy-to-understand format aimed at either beginning writers or any writer who struggles with marketing and promoting themselves and their books.

Tip #1: Understand branding and platform and the differences between them
Tip #2: Know what to do BEFORE your book launches
Tip #3: Know what to do AT and AFTER your book launch
Tip #4: Make a decision about blogging, touring, and hopping
Tip #5: Publish as frequently as you’re reasonably able to
Tip #6: Be a good citizen
Tip #7: Use social media and author pages to your advantage
Tip #8: Make your website and newsletter work for you
Tip #9: Create a marketing plan and actually use it
Tip #10: Don’t stop marketing yourself or your books

If the idea of promotion leaves you in a cold sweat, let an author who’s been there and has the track record to prove it guide you on the simplest path to discoverability.

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