Facebook Thirty Workbook

Tips, hints and ideas for Facebook Business Pages

Your Challenge? Post once a day, every day, for 30 days. It’s as simple as that.

#FacebookThirty is where Michelle Rose, marketing mentor, trainer and author, uses her love of common sense marketing to help you give your Facebook posts an injection of inspiration.

Throughout the workbook Michelle will show you how to go back to the basics of marketing and use good old fashioned techniques in your Facebook posts.

Michelle gives you 50 ideas for your Facebook Page, each one brought to life with detailed descriptions and real-life examples from small business owners who have taken her #FacebookThirty Challenge, all to help you create your first full month of daily posts.

Michelle is a marketing mentor, trainer, speaker and author who loves common sense marketing. Her mission is to give you sensible, realistic and practical advice so you fall in love with your marketing and get good at doing it.

#FacebookThirty is the first of Michelle’s marketing workbooks which are bursting with brilliant business advice.

Each workbook is designed to be powerful but pretty, affordable but jam packed with advice, beautiful and useful, and not full of b*llocks you don’t understand.

If you’re a pre-start, start-up, mumpreneur or simply any sort of business owner Michelle’s books should be in your book shelf (in fact, they should be on your desk, full of ideas and scribbles).

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