Facebook For Business Owners: Awesome Facebook Advertising Tips and Marketing Tricks

hen Facebook first came out I just finished college and started studying web design at open university. Back then it wasn’t most popular social network. Everyone used to be all over BEBo back then. At least in UK where I’m based. But I thought, ‘Hey, this is great’ I saw potential straight away, even before Facebook announced Fan pages in 2007. I made many mistakes and some of my attempts can’t even be named marketing. Yes, I started with spam and leaned hard, lol, but that’s completely different story. As uni students, we tried many Internet based businesses, and Affiliate marketing was the first one where I used Facebook. It was done with my personal profile, I spammed the hell out of it, and finally I lost my account. But It worked. I thought that it was like printing money. Then in 2007 fan pages were introduced and Facebook became huge part of every business I’m involved in. Everything changed once again with introduction of Facebook ads. I even set up wedding video business without knowing anything about film making. All because of Facebook and its advertising. Why? Because I knew I can target engaged people. This social network knows everything about us. Facebook knows who we are, how old we are, where we live, what we like to do in spare time, our job, status, hobbies etc. All these information can be used by your company to target potential customers.

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