Email Marketing That Works … So You Don’t Have To

Email marketing effectively is not rocket science. It is much more about human relationships. Did you know … I ran a national TV commercial airing on ESPN, MTV, A&E, VH-1, Comedy Central … In this commercial my call to action was to visit a website and sign up for my list, then I would follow up with these folks using email marketing … I also lost the gifts of communication (speaking, writing, reading, etc.) with a brain aneurism bursting and subsequent surgery. I can vividly recall one afternoon in the ICU when I was unable to communicate and resolved myself to wetting the bed at age 13. If I can learn this … I KNOW YOU CAN TOO! Chapter 1 … Your #1 Goal Chapter 2 … Email marketing is EXACTLY like direct response mail Section 1 – Creating Your Email Marketing Campaign … The Mechanics Chapter 3 … Subject Line … Get Your Message Opened Chapter 4 … Top 3 open-rate-killers Chapter 5 … Crafting your email message content Chapter 6 … The 12 reasons & things to send in your email campaign Chapter 7 … Call to action Chapter 8 … How often to mail your list Chapter 9 … Best places to get ideas for your messages Chapter 10 … Formatting your email message Chapter 11 … Integrate social media Chapter 12 … Broadcasts or a follow-up sequence Chapter 13 … Listen to your list and make course corrections Chapter 14 … Length of your message Chapter 15 … Don’t over think Section 2 – Tips to building your list Chapter 16 … Top 2 list building killers Chapter 17 … The 7 key techniques to build your list Chapter 18 … What information should you collect on your web-form? Chapter 19 … Advanced techniques … take them offline Chapter 20 … Play the numbers Section 3 – Manage and segment your lists Chapter 21 … Segmenting your list Chapter 22 … When a lead turns into a liability and an avoidable expense Chapter 23 … Re-engagement campaigns Chapter 24 … Make it happen captain

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