Copywriter’s Notebook: Email copywriting tips for getting more clicks

Email is more relevant than ever before, even in this social media age. If you want more clicks… and more sales… from your email copy, then Copywriter’s Notebook will show you how to get them.

There is also a section for freelance copywriters who want to get more clients and improve their email copywriting skills.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn, based on almost 10 years of writing copy for clients all over the world:

* The formula for writing an email with a selling story.

* Why what you were taught in school about writing is wrong when you write copy.

* The most overlooked part of email marketing.

* A swipe file of emails that you can use as templates for your own emails.

* Are subject lines really all that important? (The answer may surprise you)

* How to structure a 7 part prospect series.

* The most common mistakes people make when writing emails.

* What tools of the trade (notebooks and pens) will help you capture all your email copy ideas.

* How to overcome prospects’ skepticism about doing business with you.

* The 5 steps to create understanding and truly listening to your prospects and customers.

* The only two words your prospects care about.

* How to discover the hot button and emotional issues of your prospects and customers.

* How to get more clients if you are a freelance copywriter. 

* Plus much more!

The templates included will make it even easier for you to give your (or your clients’) email campaigns a boost right away.Order your copy today.

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