Actor Demo Reel Video Editing Guidelines For Actors and Editors: Rules, Tips, Tricks and Advice To Save Money, Manage Your Acting Career, Maximize Reels for Busy Casting Directors

For actors, demo reel editors, and video editors who want to learn more about creating and producing actor demo reels.

As both an actor and a demo reel editor, I have a perspective of the actor’s needs as well as skills offered by editors, including techniques most actors aren’t aware of. But by knowing demo reel creation guidelines plus technical aspects of producing demo reels, actors can manage their demo reel content and control their marketing branding image as an actor.

ACTORS: Learn how to save money and spend it wisely. Learn how to produce your demo reel from beginning to end, and maximize the punch-per-second for busy Casting Directors. Learn how to work with an editor and what enhanced services an editor can offer.

DEMO REEL EDITORS: Learn how to produce demo reels and what’s important to an actor (your customer). Be an asset to the actor’s business to expand your business. Gain a perspective many demo reel editors don’t have. Instead of being an editor who happens to edit demo reels, offer solid demo reel editing services. Learn editing tips and tricks not typically considered for demo reels and apply the techniques to make a good demo reel a great demo reel!

Some of the topics covered include:
* Benefits of Knowing Demo Reel Guidelines
* The Purpose of a Demo Reel
* The Demo Reel Intro Section
* Making Your Demo Reel All About You
* Demo Reel Length and Scene Lengths
* Partial Scenes
* How Many Scenes
* Ordering Scenes
* The Demo Reel Closing Section
* Montages
* Commercial, Industrial, and Theater (Stage) Material
* Monologues
* Music Options
* The 1-Minute Speed Reel
* Are You Ready to Have a Demo Reel?
* How to Get More Material
* What Your Demo Reel Is NOT About
* Raw Footage: The Best Source Material for Editing
* What NOT to Include in Your Demo Reel
* Pre-Planning Your Demo Reel
* Technical Tips and Tricks
* Your Demo Reel Is NOT Your Editor’s Advertising Billboard
* Finding a Good Demo Reel Editor
* Video Formats for Your Demo Reel
* WAIT! Did You Get Your Demo Reel Production Files?

I truly hope that you discover useful information in this book that will help you create a phenomenal demo reel and advance your acting career or demo reel editing career. I congratulate you on your tenacity to research, learn, and apply what you’ve learned to better yourself and increase your success. The more knowledge you have, the more power you have over not just your career, but also saving your money and spending it wisely.

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