100 Marketing Ideas: Our Top Marketing Tips For The Web, Social, Video and More

100 Marketing Ideas

Our Top Marketing Tips For The Web, Social, Video and More

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who knows you need to be marketing your business more effectively but have no idea what to do or where to start?

There are literally thousands of ways to market a business these days, and the sheer idea of trying to figure them all out and which way to go can lead to massive overwhelm.

In this book, The Marketing & Media Monsters offer more than 100 ideas any business owner can use TODAY to get their products, services, or promotions out in the world with little more than a burning desire and an internet connection.

If you’ve put off creating a marketing strategy, have reached peak frustration trying to get the word out about your amazing offers, or are tired of throwing birdseed against the wall and waiting to see what sticks, this comprehensive guide breaks down into simple, easy to implement terms 100 plus ways to share your message and build your business.

Who is this book for?

  • Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Retail & Brick and Mortars
  • Marketing Junkies
  • Internet Marketers
  • Podcasters, Webcasters and Content Creators

˃˃˃ Key Quotes

The days of creating one glorious yellow page ad and calling it a day for the next year are over. Today’s marketing is a mash-up of writing, video, audio, pictures, and about a million other things that you might not feel confident about doing.

This is a comprehensive guide of things that are possible in the marketing space today.

These ideas cover some of the true cornerstones of good marketing.

Marketing is one of the most important things you can do for your business and if you can make a plan and fall a little in love with it, you could shoot straight to the top of your industry!

˃˃˃ This Book Includes:

The Most Important Things
Business Basics
Search Engines
Third Party Content Sites
Social Media
Email Marketing
Writing Books
Reviews and Testimonials
In Person Branding
Free Giveaways
Direct Mail
Brick and Mortar
Bonus Bits

˃˃˃ We know our stuff!

To help you get a real jump start on your marketing efforts, in this book we have listed over a 100 ways to market your business. They are in no particular hierarchy, just a list of things that you “could” do.

Having given this speech well over a 100 times, we know that the ideas in this book are going to get you fired up! The wheels are going to start turning, and you will be ready to jump out there and start really making a difference with your marketing efforts, in exactly the right direction.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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